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A ‘plug & play’ packaged solution where the outdoor and indoor side are pre-connected.

Daikin rooftop series

An extensive package included in all models

1. Standard integrated high efficiency EC plug fans

  • Static pressure up to 300Pa 
  • Inverter controlled 
  • Maintenance free

2. Standard flexible air delivery

  • Up to 4 possible sides can be selected on site (front, left, right, bottom)

3. Latest pCO5 controller

  • Direct integration into Daikin intelligent Touch Manager BMS (via optional BACnet protocol)
  • Easy integration in 3rd party BMS systems 
    • Standard Modbus protocol 
    • Optional BACnet protocol

4. Standard clogged filter alarm

  • Indicates when a filter requires cleaning
  • Improved indoor air quality and efficiency

5. Hydrophilic coated aluminium fins on indoor and outdoor side

Constant cooling infographic

Rooftop for Retail & Department Stores

Retail & department stores need challenging design because of limited space and complex building structure, containing different floors and spaces. Daikin rooftops provide the solution:

  • Ductwork can be connected flexibly (front, left, right, bottom) to optimize installation space. 
  • High efficiency EC plug fans are maintenance free, limiting the downtime of the system for maintenance. 
  • Extraction damper and fan ensure there is no overpressure in the building and air circulation is optimised. 
  • High indoor air quality can be guaranteed thanks to integrated fresh air provision.

Rooftop for Warehouses & Industry

For building managers and engineers, warehouses or industrial applications can pose serious HVAC challenges because of their size and unique design. Daikin rooftops provide the solution:

  • Pre-connected indoor/outdoor units and factory charged refrigerant provide cost-effective installation. 
  • High ESP up to 300Pa allows extensive ductwork to evenly distribute the air across a large space. 
  • Scroll compressor and free cooling ensure highly efficient 24/7 operation. 
  • Clogged filter alarm indicates when filter needs cleaning, ensuring optimum operation and minimized energy consumption.

3 ranges to suit your needs


High installation flexibility and easy servicing

  • Easy to install ‘plug and play’ concept plus single installation configuration; no additional piping is required since indoor and outdoor sides are pre-connected 
  • High efficiency and reliable scroll compressor 
  • Factory pre-charged refrigerant ensures clean and efficient operation


2 damper version, with integrated fresh air

  • Free cooling with 100% fresh air possible
    • Improved air quality 
    • Energy saving using fresh outdoor air to cool the building 
  • Standard CO2 sensor connection 
    • Ideal balance between efficiency and indoor air quality 
  • Includes all Base model features


3 damper version, with integrated fresh air and extraction

  • Extraction damper integrated 
    • Eliminates excessive overpressure in the building 
    • UATYQ45-115AFC3Y1 models include high efficient extraction fan for optimum air circulation in larger buildings 
  • Thermo dynamic heat recovery 
    • Saves energy by recovering waste heat through the outdoor heat exchanger
    • Available on UATYQ20-55AFC3Y1

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Do you need support?

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