Operation, Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repair Service

At Daikin, we understand that you are not looking for a supplier, but a partner. That is why our mission is to guide you throughout the design, assembly and maintenance of your installation in order to provide you with a product that meets all your climate control needs. Together with our service partners, we offer a wide range of service plans to supervise, manage and monitor your installation. 

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring enables the optimization of the resources of your climate control system. Our connectivity programs, based on analysis and predictive logic as well as the monitoring of the installation performance, are a cost-effective service designed to increase safety, reliability, optimize energy consumption and environmental performance, in order to help you obtain optimal performance in your building, day after day.


Minimize operating costs, track your system’s performance and extend its life with regular maintenance checks by Daikin. Maintenance Programs are created for your maximum peace of mind and are specifically designed to adapt them to your installation needs and requirements.


Our extensive service team network, which offers coverage for Daikin's large product portfolio, and also for products of other brands, is at the ready to offer on-site repair services whenever necessary. These repairs are guaranteed to provide maximum experience and are carried out under certified environmental and safety procedures.