Upgrades and optimisations for applied systems

Upgrades and Updates in coolers and climate control systems

Inverter upgrade

Inverter Update

When your HVAC system requires less cooling or heating than originally anticipated, you can update your cooler with variable speed inverters to increase the efficiency of your system. With inverters, you can reduce your energy bill by up to 25% and obtain a quieter and more comfortable system.

Heat recovery

With the HR2 Heat Recovery Retrofit Solution, your cooler is able to reuse the energy that is normally wasted and recycle it for heating. The HR2, a control system that can produce heating and cooling at the same time, can help your system respond instantly to climate control requirements and therefore save energy in the long term.

Heat recovery


We offer a selection of upgrades to meet your installation needs to ensure that your system runs smoothly. For those occasions in which your system needs updating or a complete renovation, but you are faced with logistics or budget restrictions, we have a robust alternative solution: upgrading the coolers.

What are the benefits of upgrading the coolers?

Replace key components

  • Extend the life of your cooler
  • Improve your system’s reliability
  • Updates can increase energy efficiency by up to 20% SEER

Change refrigerant

  • Replace the already obsolete R-134a or R-407C refrigerants with more energy efficient alternatives

Budget management

  • Avoid any expense as well as operational and safety risk that may arise in relation to installing and removing coolers