Price list

General terms and conditions for providing the technical support service.

Tarifas de asistencia técnica a clientes

  • Technical labour: 48€/h.
  • Assistant labour:  35€/h.
  • Urban transport: 27€
  • Transport inter-city area (out-of-city taxis and less than 25 km): 30€. 

In these cases, travel time is included and only the labour used in the installation will be invoiced, with a minimum time of one hour.

Transport for more than 25 km from the work centre: €0.48/Km Travel time will be invoiced as labour at a rate of €30/h Regardless of the number of technicians travelling.

  • Gas R-407C €39/Kg
  • Gas R-134A €19/Kg
  • Gas R-410A €47/Kg
  • Extraction of coolant for recycling or destruction pursuant to ECR 2037/00, RD 833/88 €17/Kg

SPARE PARTS: In accordance with DAIKIN AC SPAIN, S.A.’s current official rate

Taxes: These rates are subject to VAT or the corresponding taxes

In force since 1 February 2018