Daikin's technology changes the world, especially in order to save it from changing.


Daikin was the first company in the world to launch heat pumps and air conditioning units with R-32 coolant. In Spain, we were pioneers in 2013 with the Ururu Sarara unit. This coolant has various benefits for the environment.

Its AHP (Atmospheric Heating Potential) is much lower than that of R-410 A (675 vs 2088), which entails lower TnCO2 equivalence, not only due to its lower PCA, but because the load required per unit is smaller, due to its thermodynamic characteristics.

For this reason, R-32 perfectly fulfils the HFC marketing objectives imposed by the EU F-Gas Regulation (Regulation (EU) 517/2014).


The installation and maintenance of R-32 are similar to those of R-410A.

Since it is a pure coolant, R-32 is also easier to recover and reuse. Additionally, it can be loaded in liquid and gaseous state, which represents a major advantage over R-410A.

What is R-32?

The chemical name of R-32 is difluoromethane. It is a coolant we have been using for years as a component of the coolant mixture R-410A (50% of R-32 and 50% of R-125). Daikin was the first company to discover that using R-32 in pure state rather than using it as part of a mixture had various advantages.


  R-410A R-32
Composition Mixture of 50% R-32 + 50% R-125 Pure R-32 (not mixed)
AHP (Atmospheric Heating Potential) 2.088 675
ODP (Ozone Destruction Potential) 0 0

Why did Daikin introduce R-32?

The European Regulation on fluorinated gases currently in force prohibits the use of coolants with an AHP greater than 750 in Split air conditioning units with a coolant load of less than 3 kg from 2025 and, additionally, encourages manufacturers to use the existing alternatives to current coolants as soon as possible.


Daikin introduced models with R-32 a decade before this requirement was imposed, because by anticipating the use of low-AHP coolants we are closer to fulfilling the objectives imposed by the Regulation and will reduce the environmental impact of our products.

An essential aspect of Daikin’s corporate philosophy is to strive to lead the way in the development of eco-friendly products, where energy efficiency and choice of coolant are the most relevant factors. Daikin launched the first air conditioning units with R-32 coolant worldwide in Japan, at the end of 2012, where millions of units have been installed since then. 

Subsequently, models with R-32 have brought thermal comfort to other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia or Indonesia. In 2013, models with R-32 appeared in Europe, adding greater environmental advantages to DAIKIN brand products.

Examples of products with R-32 Coolant available in Spain


Benefits of R-32

Mínimo impacto medioambiental

No destruye la capa de ozono

Bajo Potencial de Calentamiento Atmosférico (PCA)

Refrigerante más fácil de reciclar y reutilizar

Nivel de inflamabilidad bajo