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Variable Refrigerant Volume

Invented by us, duplicated by many.

With Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), Daikin continues to lead the market in delivering efficient and comfortable climate changing solutions.

VRV, introducing a new era of energy efficiency

When Daikin launched the VRV* air conditioning system in 1982, it introduced the world’s first use of variable refrigerant volume control. Also referred to as VRF, variable refrigerant flow is a technology that circulates only the minimum amount of refrigerant needed during a single heating or cooling period. This mechanism introduced the opportunity for end users to individually control several air conditioning zones at one time.

*VRV is a trademark of Daikin Industries, Ltd.

VRV 1982


VRV and VRF (variable refrigerant flow), are two different terms for the same technology. Because VRV is a trademark of Daikin Industries, Ltd., all other companies that copy this technology call it VRF.

How does VRV work?

VRV is a technology that alternates the refrigerant volume in a system to match a building's precise requirements. Only a minimum amount of energy is required for a system to maintain set temperatures, and ensure that it automatically shuts off when no occupants are detected in a room. This unique mechanism achieves more sustainability in the long run, as end users save on energy costs while reducing their system’s carbon emissions.

With up to 64 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit, the VRV system operates similar to a Multi-Split system. Each individual indoor unit determines the capacity it needs based on the current indoor temperature and requested temperature from the remote control (set point).

The total demand among all indoor units will determine how the outdoor unit adjusts the refrigerant volume and temperature accordingly. By only supplying the cooling or heating that is needed, the inverter compressor continues to save a large amount of energy during VRV operation.



The evolution of VRV

Since the release of our first VRV system, we’ve continuously added new features to meet evolving market demands. From increasing the capacity load to incorporating more recovery technologies, we continue to improve our VRV system to achieve the best in comfort, efficiency and reliability.

A pioneer in the HVAC industry

Explore the history of VRV and discover how it continues to shape the future of the HVAC-R industry.


The start of a new era

Daikin develops VRV: the world's first Multi-Split air conditioner for commercial buildings. Before the arrival of VRV, individual zone control for air conditioning was viewed as a big challenge. The launch of VRV drastically changed the expectations for air conditioners built for commercial buildings.

variable refrigerant flow


Introduction of VRV in Europe


The flexible outdoor unit

Daikin develops the water-cooled VRV air conditioner. This unit is an ideal alternative when air-cooled VRV units cannot be used due to the length of refrigerant pipes.

The flexible outdoor unit


The best in comfort

With heat recovery technology, the VRV air conditioner achieves heating and cooling simultaneously with only one outdoor unit. Daikin also enhances its technologies to meet the comfort needs of all people and regions of the world.


Quick and easy replacement process

Daikin develops replacement technologies to simplify the VRV installation process for businesses. By only replacing the indoor and outdoor units, installers are able to reuse other components, such as pipes.

Bringing cool, refreshing air to extremely hot regions

Focusing on the Middle East, Daikin customises the VRV to become more compatible with climates that reach up to 50°C or more.



The VRV S-series expands the VRV product range to include the light commercial sector


Bringing warmth to extremely cold regions

Daikin develops a highly efficient heat pump for VRV air conditioners. This system is built for regions where temperatures drop as low as - 25°C.


Daikin launches the VRV IV i-series, the world's first "invisible" VRV outdoor unit

What Daikin ultimately created was a unique approach to air conditioning. Today, it has become one of the two types of air conditioning systems, ducted and ductless, in the world. Daikin will always be the pioneer in air conditioning, as it continues to expand this new standard around the world.


Daikin launches VRV IV+

Fully optimised for seasonal efficiency this range is developed completely to the spirit of the Ecodirective.
Reaching the hightest levels in seasonal efficiency, measured with the most sold indoor units, this VRV range continuous to lead in VRF technology


VRV 5 S-series

Completely redesign unit for R-32 refrigerant
Easier to handle and more flexible to install then ever!

2022 VRV 5 Heat Recovery

Purpose-built to support the decarbonisation of commercial buildings.

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