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Cassette Vista

The 4-way horizontal ceiling-mounted units are the ideal solution for rooms, shops or offices without drop ceilings. They are an excellent solution for large, crowded spaces. If required, the Super Inverter outdoor unit can reduce the noise level by up to 8 dBA and it can be configured so that night mode is automatically activated or in accordance with the times programmed by the user. In addition, its new motor offers higher performance and greater energy efficiency. 

Energy savings

The Swing and Scroll compressors are actuated with a new motor that offers enhanced performance and greater energy efficiency.

Four neodymium magnets are used, more powerful than ferrite magnets. 

Drain pump

It includes a built-in drain pump that raises water up to a height of 500 mm above the unit pan.

Seasonal energy efficiency

Exterior units designed to offer greater seasonal efficiency (SEER/SCOP).


1. It leaves the maximum free space on ceilings and walls for furniture, décor and other complements.

2. The Inverter control makes it possible to respond to temperature differences of +-0.5ºC.

3. “Night Quiet” mode.

4. It can be configured so that the night mode is activated automatically or according to the timetable entered by the user.

5. Maximum comfort: one or two flaps can be closed individually.

6. The air can be distributed at 5 different angles between 0 and 60°.

7. Higher efficiency and comfort thanks to the possibility of selecting the evaporation and condensation temperatures.


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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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