Gran Sky Air Roof Top

The new range of Roof Tops from Daikin offers an ideal solution for optimizing inside climate, especially for supermarkets, warehouses, cinemas, factories, hotel receptions, etc. They are available in Just Cold and Heat Bomb. They develop high energy efficiency with reduced consumption, as well as featuring easy installation and maintenance.








New generation

This new generation of units offers an efficient Plug & Play solution to satisfy cooling, heating and air renewal needs for medium- to large-size buildings. This new complete line was designed to meet the latest European ErP 2018 requirements for ecological design and is equipped with multiple characteristics and options that improve transportation, installation, start-up, operation and maintenance of the unit.

General features

1) Range extended to 11 models, from 20 kW to 107 kW in cooling.

2) EC Plug Fan, blower fan with static pressure available up to 300 Pa.

3) Water-repellent battery protection. 4) Dirty filter alarm. 5) 0-10v input for CO2 probe (FC2 / FC3 models).

6) Contact for control of electrical resistance in the blower section.

7) Connection to standard Modbus protocol.

Standard remote control



Additional features FC2 model

Possibility of free cooling through additional valve.

Additional features FC3 model

  • EC Plug Fan, extractor fan up to 200 Pa (from model 45).
  • Possibility of free cooling through additional valve.
  • This model includes an additional valve for the extraction of air to control possible cases of excess pressure in buildings.
  • Thermodynamic heat recovery (up to model 55).

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