Horizontal ceiling mounted

The new Horizontal Ceiling-Mounted unit is the perfect solution for offices, shops, restaurants and hotels.  Its new design allows optimum distribution of the air flow, which achieves a more uniform temperature and, therefore, an increase in the level of comfort. Also, it comes with a built-in anti-bacterial filter.

Characteristics FHA-A 

1. Optimal air distribution.

2. It is the ideal solution for shops, restaurants or offices without a false ceiling.

3. There are 2 ways to regulate the angle of air discharge.

    A. Address up and down (automatic).

    B. Left and right direction.

4. Free up the maximum space in ceilings and walls for furniture, decoration and other accessories.

5. Extremely quiet units both inside and outside.

6. The measurement of the ambient temperature is automatically moved between the return sensor and the sensor in the control, achieving greater precision and much more comfort.

7. Automatic direction of the air flow that guarantees a uniform distribution of temperature and air flow.

8. The air flow distribution form can be adapted to ceiling heights of up to 3.8 m. without loss of capacity.



1. The new Horizontal Roof Unit is the perfect solution for offices, shops, restaurants and hotels.

2. New design.

3. The vertical slats, designed for a greater or lesser opening, allow an optimal distribution of the air flow that achieves a more uniform temperature and, therefore, an increase in the level of comfort.

4. Built-in antibacterial filter.

5. An optional adapter for the DIII-net connection with centralized controls is not necessary. controles centralizados.


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