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Mini VRV – 5

The new Mini VRV 5 series with the refrigerant of the future, R32, has an Atmospheric Warming Potential one third lower than that of the most common alternatives. Once again, technology and innovation come together to achieve the highest possible efficiency and sustainability.


Lower CO2 equivalent and market-leading efficiencies

Since the launch of Ururu Sarara in 2013, the world’s first air conditioner to use R-32 refrigerant, we have worked to convert our portfolio to lower GWP refrigerants. The latest evolution is the completely newly developed VRV 5 S-series, incorporating all latest technological developments, such as the low GWP refrigerant R-32.

Lower CO2 equivalents - Industry-leading real life efficiencies
Shîrudo technology: Flexibility to take care of every room - Variable Refrigerant Temperature

Top sustainability

  • Reduced CO2 equivalent thanks to the use of R-32 refrigerant
         • 71% lower GWP on system level!

  • Single component refrigerant, easy to re-use and recycle
  • Top sustainability over the entire lifecycle, thanks to market leading real-life seasonal efficiency
  • Ideal for your green building certification, thanks to lower GWP refrigerant


Inside look at vrv 5 unit

Industry-leading serviceability and handling

  • Low-height single fan range
  • Easy to transport thanks to compact design
  • Wide access area to easily reach all key components
  • No leak check requirement for majority of installations

Best-in-class design versatility

  • Shîrudo technology allows flexible indoor unit installation in rooms with a minimum surface down to 10m²
  • Sound pressure down to 39 dB(A) thanks to 5 low sound steps to suit the application
  • Automatic ESP setting up to 45 Pa to allow ducting
DAIKIN vrv 5 sound

Geared for comfort

  • Intuitive online and voice control
  • Variable Refrigerant Temperature for optimal comfort
  • Specially designed new 10 class indoor unit for small, well-insulated rooms
Amazon alexa - Works with the google assistant

Air purifier module for FBA-A/A9, ADEA-A and FXSQ-A units

The negative ions generated attract particles, bacteria, etc. suspended in the air, neutralising them and causing their precipitation. The module is made up of the following elements:

  • Module, easily installed in the unit's air return.
  • Ioniser.
  • Air quality sensor.
  • Wi-Fi connection to monitor and control the indoor unit (start/stop, mode, fan, status) and air quality via a smartphone app.
Next generation VRV

1. Unique 3-row heat exchanger

✓Contributes to top seasonal efficiency


2. Specially designed grille

✓ Low pressure drop

✓ No risk for accidental reach of the fan


3. New casing design with four handles for easy carrying


4. New asymmetric fan design

✓ Two high ESP settings

✓ Low sound levels


Inside daikin vrv5 unit illustration

5. Compact dimensions

✓ Easy to transport and hide thanks to compact size and single-fan design

✓ Less use of natural resources to produce


6. Refrigerant cooled PCB

With integrated:

✓ cool/heat selector input

✓ 7-segment display for quicker and more precise error and setting reading


7. New stop valves

✓ Repositioned to allow front or side connection

✓ Brazed for increased reliability


8. Unique Daikin swing compressor

✓ No abrasion possible

✓ No refrigerant leak possible

✓ High seasonal efficiencies


Connectable indoor units

Daikin vrv 5 units
Round flow cassette360° air discharge for optimum efficiency and comfortFXFA-A
Fully flat cassetteUnique design that integrates fully flat into the ceilingFXZA-A
Slim concealed ceiling unitSlim design for flexible installationFXDA-A
Concealed ceiling unit with medium ESPSlimmest yet most powerfull medium static pressure unit on the market!FXSA-A
Wall mounted unitFor rooms with no false ceilings nor free floor spaceFXAA-A

Advantages of R-32

› Lower Global Warming Potential (GWP): only 1/3rd of R-410A

› Lower refrigerant charge: 15% less compared to R-410A

› Higher energy efficiency

› Single component refrigerant, easy to handle and recycle


-71% potential global warming impact
Shîrudo technology

With Shîrudo technology your VRV 5 system takes care of small room applications in your building, without the need for any additional considerations and equipment in the field.

Thanks to the factory-integrated measures, VRV 5 is the most flexible and quick to design, fully compliant to the latest product standards.

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