VRV de Daikin, nuestro invento

VRV of Daikin

Integrated climate control

A unique combination of energy-efficient technologies

Daikin VRV systems reduce energy consumption by optimizing seasonal performance with efficient indoor and outdoor units, innovative technologies and smart energy management controls.


  • Invented by Daikin, our Variable Refrigerant Technology automatically adjusts the temperature of the refrigerant to the load for optimal user comfort and increases seasonal efficiency by up to 28% when compared to other solutions
  • Our self-cleaning units increase savings by 50% compared to standard cassettes and concealed ceiling units
  • The innovative heat recovery system reuses energy more efficiently for comfort heating and cooling, and hot water production
  • Precise multi-zone control allows you to control different floors and rooms individually to reduce overall energy consumption
  • Heat and cool your building using renewable energy from the ground
  • By choosing Daikin you have the best partner for your sustainability and green building certifications, such as BREEAM, LEED, etc.

Truly efficient

  • High seasonal efficiency
  • Measured with indoor units used in real applications

Engineered for comfort

With multi-zone control, you can precisely manage the climate of different floors and rooms. The intelligent floor and presence sensors direct the air away from you and create the perfect airflow, while the Variable Refrigerant Temperature prevents draughts. Designed with  whisper quiet technology, your VRV unit runs so quietly you will forget that it’s there.


Quality products and people

Our zero defects policy means that we test every unit repeatedly during production to ensure that it will run perfectly for years to come. We also have the largest support network available so that a qualified Daikin technician is always ready to help you.


Market-leading control

With the Variable Refrigerant Volume control of your Daikin VRV unit, you can control different zones, rooms and floors individually.

Connect your Daikin VRV unit to our Building Management System, which integrates seamlessly with equipment from other manufacturers, so that you can control your climate, lighting, alarms and much more with one single interface.


Air ventilation is essential to your building

Efficient building designs are on the rise and so is the need for ventilation systems. Efficient buildings require more insulation to reduce heating and cooling losses. This means that the air inside the building remains in its interior for a longer period of time and becomes stale. Stale air increases the risk of allergies, residual odours, condensation and mould inside the building, among others.

Our Daikin air treatment units are designed using cutting-edge technologies and components to increase energy efficiency and reduce total ownership cost and the carbon footprint.

  • Heat recovery technology which recovers up to 90% of heat
  • High-efficiency motor which reduces power consumption
  • Highly efficient fan that increases efficiency compared to standard fans
  • Efficient logic control which allows you to manage your building and energy consumption
Una solución integral para el control climático de su edificio
  • Smart sensors direct the air flow away from people and automatically activate the unit in energy-saving mode or turn it off when no presence is detected in the room.
  • Smart programs facilitate climate control throughout the building and our Building Management System (BMS) allows you to integrate and control all aspects of your building (heating, cooling, electricity, lighting, elevators, etc.)


Our new VRV IV systems raised market standards for climate comfort and performance. Their total design simplicity offers rapid installation, full flexibility and absolute efficiency and comfort.


Variable refrigerant temperature

As an exclusive Daikin technology, Variant Refrigerant Temperature continuously adjusts both the inverter compressor speed and the refrigerant temperature to provide the necessary capacity to meet the building load with the greatest efficiency possible.


Continuous heating

VRV IV+ provides heating continuously during the defrost cycle. Other heat pumps stop heating during the defrost cycle but the VRV IV+ system is equipped with our exclusive heat-accumulating element that stores energy during the heating process. The stored energy is then used to defrost the outdoor unit, while ensuring comfort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


VRV configurator

Every VRV IV+ unit is equipped with our  VRV configurator. This is a software solution that simplifies configuration and commissioning. Your installer spends less time configuring the outdoor units and it is easy to customize the settings to your building's needs.


Designed for your interior


VRV IV+ heat recovery

  • Outstanding efficiency and comfort
  • Heat recovery technology reuses energy to provide free heating and hot water
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling for maximum comfort

VRV IV+ heat pump

  • The optimum solution for excellent comfort
  • Compatible with a wide range of stylish indoor units

VRV IV+ S Series

  • The compact single fan saves space
  • Compatible with a wide range of stylish indoor units

VRV IV+ i Series

  • Invisible installation keeps your unit out of sight
  • Exclusive VRV IV+ heat pump for indoor installation
  • Flexible, easy installation for all buildings due to a 2-part outdoor unit

Water-cooled VRV system

  • Ideal for high-rise buildings
  • Lowers CO2 emissions by using water as a heat source
  • Compact, lightweight design saves space
  • Variable water flow increases flexibility and control

Designed for your interior

The widest range of interior units available. Choose the best emitter for your space.


Cassette para montar en falso techo

Ceiling mounted cassette

There is no need to sacrifice valuable floor or wall space.

Find out about our Round Flow cassette unit

Innovative intelligent eyes create perfect comfort
The automatic cleaning function makes for easy maintenance and increases energy efficiency by 50%
Its 360° air expulsion pattern guarantees perfect airflow distribution

Find out about our Fully Flat Cassette

-Exclusive Daikin design
Fits flush with architectural ceiling tiles


Unidad de conductos

Concealed ceiling units

Seamless integration with your interior decor.

Ideal for buildings with false ceilings, concealed ceiling units integrate seamlessly with your interior decor and are virtually invisible. Since we offer the broadest range of units on the market, we have solutions to meet the needs of all types of building.

  • The lowest height and sound levels on the market
  • Wide ESP range, from 10 Pa to 270 Pa
  • Exclusive self-cleaning filter for maximum reliability and efficiency

Otros modelos

Other models

Flexible solutions where ceiling mounting is not possible.

We offer various solutions for buildings where it is not possible to install the unit directly in the ceiling.

Wall mounted:

  • Ideal for refurbishing or remodelling
  • Easy-to-install
  • Wide range of stylish units, including Daikin Emura

Ceiling suspended:

  • Suspended from the ceiling
  • The exclusive 4-way expulsion pattern prevents dead zones

Floor standing:

  • Ideal for situations when heating is your primary need

To complete the solution

Integrated ventilation solutions

We are proud to offer the broadest range of DX Ventilation on the market. From small ventilation units with heat recovery to large air handling units, we create fresh, healthy and comfortable environments for all situations. All the ventilation units integrate with our VRV systems as a plug-and-play solution.

Smart Building Management

With Daikin, building management has never been easier. We offer a variety of climate control systems that integrate with the VRV system to help you manage your building's energy consumption efficiently and effectively.

  • The intuitive touchscreen interface makes controlling the climate easy
  • Connect to the Daikin Cloud Service and control your system from anywhere, at any time.
  • Add in equipment from other manufacturers to create a profitable mini Building Management System

Cost-effective replacements

The VRV replacement system is a cost-effective solutions that is ideal for replacing older, less efficient systems. By reusing the existing piping and wiring, your day-to-day operations will not be interrupted.

Learn more about our replacement solutions


Exclusive self-cleaning technology

Our Round Flow and concealed ceiling units have optional self-cleaning filters to increase efficiency, comfort and reliability , to increase the satisfaction of your guests or customers.

Discover all our products


User-friendly wired remote controller

  • Inuitive touch button control
  • Sleek, compact design in 3 colors to match any interior design
  • Easily set advanced settings via the app or visual interface
  • Easy to use interface