VRV IV con bomba de calor

VRV IV Heat pump

The optimal solution for climate comfort and performance

VRV IV Heat Pump

With the release of the VRV IV system, we introduced three revolutionary standards in VRV technology. Custom comfort, intelligent control and increased energy efficiency make the Daikin VRV IV heat pump the market leader in climate solutions.


Variable refrigerant temperature

As an exclusive Daikin technology, Variant Refrigerant Temperature continuously adjusts both the inverter compressor speed and the refrigerant temperature to provide the necessary capacity to meet the building load with the greatest efficiency possible.


Continuous heating

VRV IV provides heating continuously during the defrost cycle. Other heat pumps stop heating during the defrost cycle but the VRV IV system is equipped with our exclusive heat-accumulating element that stores energy during the heating process. The stored energy is then used to defrost the outdoor unit, while ensuring comfort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


VRV configurator

Every VRV IV unit is equipped with our  VRV configurator. This is a software solution that simplifies configuration and commissioning. Your installer spends less time configuring the outdoor units and it is easy to customize the settings to your building's needs.


Completely redesigned key components

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1. DC fan motor

  • Increases efficiency.
  • Larger diameter of the rotor results in great force using the same magnetic field.
  • Improved control results in more fan steps that match the actual capacity.

2. Gas-cooled PCB

  • Reliable cooling is not influenced by ambient temperatures.
  • A smaller switchbox creates a smoother airflow through the heat exchanger.

3. 4-sided heat exchanger

  • A 50% increase in the heat exchange surface (235m2) increases efficiency by up to 30%.

4. Newly developed compressor

  • Full inverter enables Variable Refrigerant Temperature and low start-up currents.
  • Reluctance brushless DC motor increases efficiency when compared to AC motors by using simultaneous normal and reluctance torque.
  • J-type 6-pole motor has a 50% stronger magnetic force and higher rotation efficiency.
  • New compressor material is stronger and increases the compression volume by up to 50%.

Connect a wide range of indoor units

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