VRV IV heat recovery

The leading solution in comfort and energy efficiency


Energy efficiency

  • Heat recovery transfers heat from places where cooling is needed to places where heating or hot water is needed
  • Variable Refrigerant Technology automatically adjusts the temperature of the refrigerant to the load for optimal user comfort and increases seasonal efficiency by up to 28% compared to other solutions
  • The heat exchanger's exclusive design is engineered for the highest seasonal efficiency
  • 3-pipe technology increases energy efficiency in heat recovery mode

Benefit from virtually free heating

Our innovative heat recovery system efficiently reuses the heat from offices and server rooms to provide hot water and heat other areas of the building. The heat exchanger is optimized for mixed mode operation and improves recovery efficiency by reducing radiation loss.

Energía casi gratuita para su edificio comercial

Simultaneous heating and cooling

Heat recovery allows simultaneous heating and cooling. This is ideal for hotels so that your guests can control their own comfort and is also valuable in buildings with north and south facing offices.


Technical cooling for data centres

To keep your vital IT equipment running smoothly, VRV IV heat recovery has an operating range down to -20°C DB in calling for server rooms. Recover the heat generated from your data centre to heat your hot water and bring comfort to other rooms.

Refrigeración técnica para centros de datos

Pipe technology

Our exclusive  3-pipe technology requires less energy to recover heat, which significantly increases energy efficiency during the heat recovery process. Dedicated gas, fluid and discharge pipes enable the system to recover heat at lower condensing temperatures than other systems.


The widest range of BS boxes

We offer a wide range of single and multi-BS boxes for maximum flexibility and the shortest installation time.

Single port

  • Unique to the market
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No drainage piping needed
  • Perfect for remote rooms



  • 55% smaller and 41% lighter than other multi-port units
  • Easier installation with fewer welding points and wiring
  • All indoor units can be connected to one BS box
  • Ideal for phased installations