Soluciones de refrigeración de procesos de alto rendimiento

Industrial Process cooling

Daikin’s chillers and air treatment units are designed to adapt to demanding environments within a wide variety of industrial applications.

Benefíciese de nuestra política de cero defectos

Benefit from our zero defects policy

When you own industrial facilities, it is essential for your business for the climate system to function properly at all times.

  • Our zero defects policy means that we test every unit repeatedly during the production process to guarantee that it will operate flawlessly for many years.
  • Before assembling the units, we test each component to ensure that it fulfils our quality standards
  • We only use components of the highest quality, most of which are manufactured in-house


Reduzca su huella de carbono

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our energy-efficient technologies will help you to reduce your carbon footprint and operating costs.

  • Our signature Inverter technology increases energy efficiency by up to 30%
  • During the heat recovery process it reuses the heat generated during process cooling to provide comfortable heating to offices and other zones
  • At Daikin, our mission is to research and develop eco-friendly and innovative building solutions


Disfrute de los niveles más altos de innovación

Enjoy the highest levels of innovation

Our internal product development centres and proprietary manufactured components guarantee the highest-quality process cooling systems in the market.

  • Daikin’s engineers specialize in the development of new products and technologies
  • We respond immediately to changes in legislation because we develop our products in-house.
  • By manufacturing our own compressors we guarantee their high quality


Climate control for data centres

In order to maintain your essential computer equipment functioning in perfect condition, we provide reliable cooling solutions designed to support the large amount of heat generated by data centres and technology platforms.


Refrigeración de infraestructuras para centros de datos