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Infrastructure and data centre cooling

Reliable, energy efficient cooling solutions that meet the requirements of telecommunications shelters, server rooms and laboratories, whatever their size.

Gráfico informativo de refrigeración constante

Constant cooling

Technical cooling is not a 9-to-5 job. Data centres and server rooms require 24/7 climate control in all conditions. Our systems are designed to maximize uptime for a wide range of conditions, from temperatures as low as -15°C to as high as 50°C.


Maximizing your equipment's uptime

In the unlikely event of an operating failure, the standby backup unit will take over. Takeover is automatic and an emergency repair alert is immediately sent out. You will never have to worry about a system shutdown again.


Maximizamos el tiempo de actividad de sus equipos

Leverage renewable resources

Calling a data centre requires much higher levels of energy consumption than cooling any other type of space. Our solutions are engineered to provide year-round efficiency and cut your annual running costs.


Modo "free cooling"

Free cooling mode

Free cooling mode cuts energy consumption by using cool outdoor air during the winter months. This allows the refrigerant-based compressors to shut off or operate at a significantly lower capacity, which saves you money.


Exclusive heat recovery technology

Our exclusive heat recovery technology reuses the heat generated during process cooling  to provide heating or hot water to offices, toilets and other areas of your building.


Rotación de ciclos de funcionamiento

Duty rotation

Duty rotation comes standard with our Sky Air remote control. After a set period of time, the operating unit goes into standby mode and the unit currently on standby takes over. This feature prolongs the useful life of each system, while increasing efficiency.


Infrastructure cooling for every type of building and need

Sky Air para centros de datos

Sky Air

  • High-performance cooling system
  • Ideal for small data centres and telecommunications shelters
  • Separate controls for each unit
  • Exclusive expanded outdoor unit capacity
  • Refrigerant-based technology



Enfriadoras para centros de datos


  • Meet all your climate control needs
  • Ideal for medium-sized to large data centres
  • Centrally managed system to precisely control temperature and humidity
  • Inverter technology, plus versions with the “free cooling” mode
  • Exclusive rapid restart function
  • Water-based technology

Centralized control

Integrate the chiller unit with its own Building Management System (BMS). We offer different interface integrations for the four most important BMS protocols, and thus manage the entire building from a single centralized control point.

Interfaz Modbus

Modbus interface

Integrate all Daikin units in your Building Management System through the Modbus protocol

Interfaz KNX

KNX interface

Integrate Split, Sky Air and VRV units into your home automation or building management system through the KNX protocol.

BACnet interface

Integrate VRV air treatment units and chillers into your Building Management System through the BACnet protocol.

LonWorks interface

Integrate all VRV units in your Building Management System through the LonWorks protocol.



We are there for you

A well-maintained HVAC system adds value and continuity. Taking steps to prolong your installation's working life ensures a 24/7 optimal climate operation.

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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Do you need support?

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