Upgrade and optimisation for VRV systems
The benefits of a retrofit upgrade

Benefits of a retrofit update

We believe that, in order to improve the comfort, reliability and overall performance of your VRV system, choosing to retrofit is the best option. Specifically, our VRV compressor retrofit kit can help your system achieve greater energy savings and comfort, as well as extending the life of your VRV system. 

Why choose a VRV compressor retrofit kit?

Increase in energy efficiency

  • Energy savings of up to 10%
  • Achieve greater energy efficiency with Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology
  • Achieve high seasonal efficiency

Longer service life

  • The new compressor extends the life of your unit
  • Avoid possible breakdowns with preventive maintenance
  • Reduce CO2 emissions with regular sensor updates

Improved comfort

  • Avoid cold drafts with higher outlet temperatures
VRV retrofit kits

VRV retrofit kits

Our VRV compressor retrofit kit is the ideal option to increase the performance of all VRV applications. With a view to maximizing this kit, we recommend its use together with the latest technologies, such as variable refrigerant control or the improved compressor. For maximum performance and reliability, you can also choose to include our VRV sensor review kit to replace the most used parts.