1. The customer has the right to examine the product in the place where it is made available to them, within 2 business days, to be counted from the date of reception indicated on the delivery note of the transport company.

2. In the event that the customer, for reasons attributable to them, does not examine and/or does not receive the product, following the aforementioned 2 days, this product will be understood as received in full compliance.


Changes or returns are not accepted once the merchandise has been supplied, unless expressly authorized by Daikin. In such a case, the shipping costs will be borne by the buyer and the units and their packaging will be understood to be in perfect condition. DACS reserves the right to discount from the amount to be paid the cost of receiving, inspecting and/or repairing the returned merchandise.


DACS guarantees the replacement of defective material for a period of two years (except solar panels, whose warranty period will be five years), provided that the conditions of use are normal and appropriate, and that the installation of the product has been carried out in accordance with current standards, by duly qualified personnel and following the instructions indicated in the installation manuals. DACS declines all responsibility for damage or loss caused to persons or goods as a result of unit malfunction. Except for: Exclusion from seller warranty:

The seller warranty excludes damage caused by:

  • Improper handling of the product or forceful operation of the product.
  • Product handling, maintenance or repair by a technician not authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Use of spare parts not authorized by the manufacturer or modification of the product without the authorization of the manufacturer.
  • Non-compliance with the manufacturer's instructions on product handling, review and maintenance, in the case that such non-compliance has caused the defect.