Ventilación Daikin


From small heat recovery systems to large air treatment units, Daikin provides a range of ventilation solutions to create a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment in residential, commercial and industrial spaces

Aire fresco y limpio

Fresh, clean air supply

Although the watertight infrastructure of modern buildings today guarantees superior insulation and energy efficiency, it also implies that there may be a lack of fresh air, which may lead to the accumulation of moisture, microbes and allergens. In order to solve this problem, Daikin offers a range of ventilation solutions to provide fresh, clean air as efficiently as possible.


Ventilation solutions

In order to achieve optimal ventilation, Daikin maintains the highest energy efficiency and flexibility standards to provide the best indoor air quality. In order to achieve clean indoor air, Daikin guarantees that its ventilation products are seamlessly integrated in a heat pump solution. This means that we reduce the number of individual systems and independent suppliers to provide a comprehensive climate control system.


Fresh, pure indoor air

In order to create the perfect indoor climate, there are five main components when measuring indoor air quality and controlling it through our ventilation solutions.

  •   Ventilation: guarantees a fresh air supply
  • energy recovery: recovers the heat and air humidity expelled to maximize comfort and efficiency
  • Air processing: heat or cool incoming fresh air to increase comfort and reduce the load of the climate control installation
  • Humidification: optimizes the balance between the humidity in the interior and exterior of the building
  • Filtration: removes dust, pollution and odours from the air.


Aire interior fresco y puro

Daikin fresh air range

All our ventilation units offer heat recovery as a built-in feature which can recover up to 90% of heat expelled. We offer a wide range of solutions that encompass nearly any application, from 10 m3/h to 140,000 m3/h.



Ventilation with heat recovery (VAM)

  • Heat and humidity recovery
  • Obtain free cooling thanks to the fresh outdoor air
  • Available as an independent unit or in combination with VRV or Sky Air systems




Ventilation with heat recovery (VKM)

  • Heat and humidity recovery
  • Humidification and processing (pre-conditioning) of incoming air
  • Obtain free cooling thanks to the fresh outdoor air
  • Plug & Play type connection with Daikin VRV units



Air treatment units (ATU)

  • Customizable ventilation and air treatment solution to achieve maximum control of air quality
  • Heat and humidity recovery
  • Humidification and processing of incoming air
  • Plug & Play type connection with Daikin VRV or chilling units



Unidades de tratamiento de aire (UTA)

  • Solución personalizable para ventilación y tratamiento de aire para lograr el máximo control de la calidad del aire
  • Recuperación de calor y humedad
  • Humidificación y procesamiento del aire entrante
  • Conexión de tipo enchufar y usar con unidades VRV o enfriadoras de Daikin

Unidades "Rooftop"

  • Bomba de calor con ventilación integrada
  • Obtenga refrigeración gratuita gracias al aire exterior fresco
  • Concepto compacto fácil de instalar

Ventilación para todos los tipos de edificios

Ya sea gerente de una tienda o un hotel, nuestras opciones de ventilación Daikin le ayudarán a crear un entorno fresco, saludable y confortable. Comience su proyecto con nosotros seleccionando el tipo de edificio.

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