Soluciones Daikin para gimnasios y centros de ocio

Total comfort in leisure buildings

Our Daikin climate control solutions create comfortable environments for your visitors and reduce operating costs by means of efficient technologies.

Soluciones Daikin para centros de ocio, el confort es la clave


Our heating, air conditioning and hot water solutions are comprehensive and have various features and functions, such as our Variable Cooling Technology, to create the perfect climate.


Reduzca los costes y el consumo

Reduce costs and consumption

In accordance with your needs and location, we offer you various renewable solutions that include technologies such as heat recovery to reduce the carbon footprint and your electricity bill.


Gestione el uso de la energía

Stay connected with everything under control

Our Daikin Cloud Service allows you to control various locations in buildings wherever you are, so you can supervise them at all times and reduce costs.


Enjoy your free time comfortably

Whether relaxing while doing sports in the gym or releasing the stress tasting a dinner with wine, we have solutions for all applications aimed at leisure. Check how is the free time with Daikin.

Gimnasios y balnearios, ocio

Gyms and Spas

Our heat recovery ventilation systems recover the energy of the expelled air and keep fresh air circulating throughout the building, eliminate stale air and odors and readjust humidity levels according to your preferences. Rely on the large volumes of hot water generated by efficient heat pump technology to keep showers, toilets and saunas running at all times.

Museos y exposiciones

Museums and exhibitions

The precise and intelligent control of air quality is simple thanks to our Online Controller. Maintain a stable temperature and humidity level to protect historical objects and valuable works of art.

Soluciones Daikin para restaurantes


We offer total solutions for restaurants with different requirements in terms of refrigeration and air conditioning. Their frozen foods, refrigerated fresh foods and chilled wines are kept at the perfect temperature, while diners dine in total comfort.

Estadios, ocio


Trust chillers and large air treatment equipment to maintain a healthy and comfortable climate, with fresh air circulating throughout the stadium, so that spectators can cheer, have fun and dance the night away.

For all projects and needs.

Whatever the size of your project, we are fully equipped and eager to help you. We provide heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and hot water solutions for buildings of all sizes, new constructions and extensions, as well as substitutions and improvements of existing systems. Find the perfect option by selecting the size or need of your project


Small to medium-sized projects

Sky Air

  • For your essential climate control needs
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Independent controls for each unit



Medium-sized projects


  • Flexible installation that meets all your climate control needs
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized spaces
  • Centralized or individual unit control



Large projects

Chillers and air treatment units

  • Ideal for medium-sized to very large spaces
  • They provide fresh, healthy air
  • Compatible with all Daikin solutions through our climate control system.



Fresh air

Air handling and ventilation units

  • Ideal for medium-sized to very large spaces
  • Provide fresh, healthy air
  • Compatible with all Daikin solutions using our air conditioning system

Intelligent controls


  • Control your climate from anywhere, at any time.
  • Choose between centrally or locally managed controls
  • Set timer programs
  • Optimize your energy consumption with our energy management tools
  • Easy integration with units from other manufacturers

Hot water for spas and hotel well-being centres

Daikin Altherma Flex

  • Efficiently provides large volumes of water
  • Production of hot water through heat recovery