Hospitalidad eficiente con la energía en la que puede confiar

Efficients hotels

Our Daikin climate control solutions guarantee that your guests have a comfortable stay.

Good design goes unnoticed

Good design goes unnoticed

With so many design options, we work with you to create an indoor climate that adapts perfectly to your interior decor and offers your guests comfort that goes unnoticed.


Intelligent controls

Total control for you and your guests

Thanks to our Building Management System (BMS) and integration with Fidelio, we provide total control of your hotel’s energy use, in addition to individual comfort control for your guests.


Reduce overhead

Reduce overhead

By using renewable energy resources and efficient heat recovery technology, operating costs are significantly reduced and you obtain maximum return on your investment.


BRC1H climate control for hotels

Easy-to-use wired remote controller

A complete redesigned controller focussed to enhance user experience. Hotel application functions include:

  • Energy saving through key card, window contact integration and set point limitation
  • Flexible setback function ensures room temperature remains within comfortable limits to ensure guest comfort
  • Easy to use interface

Connection by means of intelligent key cards

Thanks to our exclusive smart key card connection management system, reduce your energy costs without compromising your guests’ comfort. When guests enter or leave their room or open or close the windows, the smart key cards automatically communicate with Daikin’s units to turn off the air conditioning or heating.


Conexión mediante tarjetas llave inteligentes

Hotel interface connecting Daikin HVAC with Oracle Opera PMS system

  • Automated push of indoor unit settings based on the Opera PMS Check-In and Check-Out commands
    • Increased hotel customer experience by pre-heating / cooling of booked rooms
    • Energy saving thanks to the possibility to limit temperature setpoint
  • User-friendly interface for easy front desk support in hotels, conference centers, …

An integrated solution for your hotel’s climate control

From customized heating and air conditioning solutions to energy savings management systems, we have climate control solutions for guest rooms, conference rooms, restaurants and well-being facilities. Obtain more information on the options available for your hotel.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Daikin Hotel

1. Lobby

  • Minimise hot and cold air loss via the entrance with our Biddle Air Curtains and experience up to 72% in savings by connecting it to our heat pumps instead of electricity.

2. Reception Halls & Conference Rooms

  • Breathe in fresh and healthy air that is free of mould and allergens.
  • Enjoy fresh air with our fast-acting ventilation systems that accommodate large spaces.

3. Restaurant / Kitchen

  • Keep your food fresh by efficiently cooling your walk-in freezers and refrigerators.
  • Integrated refrigeration, heating and cooling maximises heat recovery and energy savings.

4. Outdoors

  • Durable outdoor units survive all weather conditions in temperatures as low as -25°C.
  • Use a combination of renewable energy from the air or ground.

5. Guest rooms

  • Individual controls allow your guests to manage their own comfort.
  • Smart key card connections save energy.
  • Energy efficient hot water production with heat pump technology.
  • Stylish wall mounted units and concealed ceiling units go unnoticed with their minimal design and quiet operation.

6. Management

  • Smart programmes make climate control easy throughout the entire building and our Building Management System (BMS) allows you to integrate and control all aspects of your building (heating, cooling, electricity, lighting, elevators, etc.)
  • Reduce your energy costs by managing and optimising your energy consumption with our intelligent Touch Manager.

7. Gym / Pool / Spa

  • Produce high volumes of hot water up to 17% more efficiently when compared to gas boilers.
  • Control humidity levels with our advanced humidification and dehumidification technologies.

From small hostels to major tourist resorts

Regardless of the size of your project, we have heating and cooling solutions that adapt to your hotel. Find the perfect option by selecting your hotel’s size or need.



Hostels and small hotels

Sky Air

  • For your essential climate control needs
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Independent controls for each unit

Medium-sized hotels


  • Flexible installation that meets all your climate control needs
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized spaces
  • Centralized or individual unit control

Large hotels and tourist resorts

Chillers and air treatment units

  • Meets all your climate control needs
  • Ideal for medium-sized and large spaces
  • Centralized management system

Hot water for spas and hotel well-being centres

Daikin Altherma Flex

  • Efficiently provides large volumes of water
  • Production of hot water through heat recovery



Fresh, healthy air for conference rooms and dance halls

Air treatment and ventilation units

  • Ideal for medium-sized to very large spaces
  • They provide fresh, healthy air
  • Compatible with all Daikin solutions through our climate control system

Energy savings

  • Control up to 70% of all your hotel’s energy consumption
  • Use renewable energy for heating and hot water
  • The smart key card automatically turns off the heating and air conditioning when a guest leaves the room or opens a window
  • The smart Touch Manager provides total control of energy consumption, helping you to manage and optimize it


Disfrute de ahorros de energía

Unique self-cleaning technology

Our round flow and some ceiling-mounted units have optional self-cleaning filters that increase efficiency, comfort and reliability, maximizing user satisfaction.



User-friendly wired remote controller

  • Inuitive touch button control
  • Sleek, compact design in 3 colors to match any interior design
  • Easily set advanced settings via the app or visual interface
  • Easy to use interface

We are there for you

A well-maintained HVAC system adds value and continuity. Taking steps to prolong your installation's working life assures your customer’s experience is satisfying and memorable.